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Canadians Lead Way for Intimacy in Cars!

Today is Valentine’s Day, and across Canada lovers will be finding ways to get romantic and intimate – even in the car, it seems, if you go by a new survey on the subject.

You might be surprised to learn that three out of four Canadians have already had intimate relations in a vehicle, and that just as many say they’d be ready to repeat the experience. This eyebrow-raising bit of information was revealed as part of a new maru/matchbox-conducted survey commissioned by

Baby boomers (aged 55 years and up) are the most experienced in the practice (79% of them admitting to having gotten down and dirty in-cabin), while millennials (18 to 34 years of age) follow at 65%.

"Despite technology dramatically transforming dating culture, something about getting hot and heavy in a car transcends generations and has stood the test of time. …Not only does an intimate encounter in a car offer an element of excitement and danger, it may also be considered convenient in some cases."

- Nicole McCance, psychologist and relationship expert

Convenient? Actually, given the increasingly frenetic pace of modern life, at least one respondent in three pointed out that a “little quickie” in a car has its practical advantages. What’s more, it may be the only way to escape the surveillance of parents or roommates, for example.

The best vehicles for getting intimate
The same survey reveals that Canadian seem to prefer comfortable and attractive luxury cars (35%) over powerful sports models (25%). Close to one third (31%) feel that a larger vehicle like an SUV confers advantages when getting down to the business of loving. Conversely, hybrid and electric cars (11%) seem less able or likely to inflame libidos.

The favourite vehicular romantic environments for Canadians, however, remain RVs (should we point out many people qualify these as mobile bedrooms?), minivans, convertibles and pickup trucks.

Unsurprisingly, the survey shows that most vehicle-related intimate moments take place in a beautiful outdoor setting; however this is followed by the garage (also the most practical), and then by indoor public parking garages!