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Here Are the 13 Models Most Used by their Owners

2009 Chevrolet Suburban
Photo: Chevrolet
Feel like you see nothing but big SUVs on U.S. roads? Here’s some data that backs up your impressions Automotive expert , Updated:

Statistics don’t lie, they say. And in fields like the automotive sector, they can be downright fascinating. While it’s true numbers can sometimes be made to say what we want them to say, they often shed light on clear consumers trends.

A recent study by is one of those illuminating data analyses. The website took a look at data to determine which vehicle models are driven the most. In other words, which models do owners rack up the most kilometres in a given year (the study, it should be noted, looked exclusively at American data).

To get to its results, the firm analyzed date related to the sales of vehicles that were 10 years old. By looking at the number of kilometres they’d accumulated on their odometers, it was possible to come up with a ranking of the 13 models that spend the most time on the road.

2009 GMC Yukon XL
2009 GMC Yukon XL
Photo: GMC

As you’ll see, the results tell quite a story, and more particularly they have much to say about the driving habits and preferences of our neighbours south of the border.

Here are the 13 vehicle models that rack up the most kilometres on average per year. You’ll also find the percentage each total sits above the average for all vehicles.

... Avg. km/yr% above avg
 1 – Chevrolet Suburban23,918 km24%
 2 – GMC Yukon XL23,570 km22.7%
 3 – Toyota Sequoia22,841 km18.4%
 4 – Honda Odyssey22,724 km17.8%
 5 – Chevrolet Tahoe22,595 km17.1%
 6 – Honda Pilot22,402 km16.1%
 7 – GMC Yukon22,137 km14.7%
 8 – Nissan Armada22,133 km14.7%
 9 – Ford Expedition22,054 km14.3%
 10 – Cadillac Escalade ESV21,911 km13.6%
 11 – Toyota Prius21,781 km12.9%
 12 – Toyota Sienna21,633 km12.1%
 13 – Toyota Land Cruiser21,620 km12.1%


2009 Honda Odyssey
2009 Honda Odyssey
Photo: Honda

The obvious first observation from looking at this list is the number of big SUVs on it. We find for example GMC’s Yukon models and the Ford Expedition, big beasts that are often used as shuttle vehicles – which could explain their high km-per-year totals.

There are also two minivans on the list, not surprising that these are generally owned and used by families that rack up road-trip kilometres and such. Disappointingly, perhaps, is the absence of any really fuel-economical vehicles outside of the Toyota Prius, down in 11th place. That hybrid car looks mighty lonely surrounded by all those massive people movers.

That the Prius also figures as the only car on the list is, furthermore, an indication that sedans and coupes, of which a larger percentage of owners are city-dwellers as opposed to residents of suburbs, small towns and rural areas, don’t cover as many highway distances on a daily basis in general.

Don’t forget the grain of salt you need to take this study with. Still, the data does provide food for thought…

2009 Toyota Prius
2009 Toyota Prius
Photo: Toyota