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Paris 2016 : Citroën Focus on Design in its Kiosk at 2016 Paris Motor Show

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Creativity, art and modernity were the focus at Citroën’s stand at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Without resorting to artifice, Citroën placed art front and center at its kiosk by including several pieces of woodwork as well as sculptures featuring the company’s logo, and erecting a façade made up  of cushions illuminated by LED lights. 

At the center of the site was the Maison Citroën, which included a number of couches evoking the interior of its CXPERIENCE concept car. Visitors could also linger there to configure cars, recharge their smartphones or simply enjoy a short rest, while music played in the background.

This small oasis of peace and quiet amid the noise and bustle of the Motor Show was a welcome stop for many of the event’s visitors.