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Coronavirus: Jaguar-Land Rover Could Run out of Certain Parts Next Month

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Faced with a shortage of parts from China due to the coronavirus outbreak, Jaguar Land-Rover has had to resort to getting components shipped to its British assembly plants… in suitcases. This was reported yesterday by British newspaper The Guardian.

The company’s chief executive Ralf Speth explained that while for now the company is able to continue producing vehicles at a regular rate, that could change before the month of March is out. The three Jaguar-Land Rover plants on British soil currently produce close to 400,000 vehicles per year.

The executive added that the automaker has completely halted sales of vehicles within China.

Jaguar-Land Rover is not the only company affected by the shortage of components, of course. FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) announced last week it was shutting down production at a plant in Serbia due to a lack of Chinese-made parts. There are fears in the U.S. as well that General Motors, for one, may have to pull back production rates.

Nor is the automotive industry the only sector affected, as we’ve heard our own nightmare scenario here in Canada: that of NHL hockey players potentially running out of sticks just as the Stanley Cup playoffs loom. Apple has revised downwards its sales forecasts, and even fashion house Chanel has had to cancel an upcoming fashion show in Beijing.

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