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Elon Musk's family road trip from Los Angeles to New York

As previously reported, Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to take a 6-day, cross-country road trip with his five sons at the end of the year. He said it will be “an adventure, kind of like those Chevy Chase movies.”

As they make their way from Los Angeles to New York, the Musk family will rely solely on Tesla's supercharger network, which is able to charge a Model S in 20-25 minutes only, the equivalent of stopping for a quick meal. This operation will provide a range of about 240 kilometres.

Musk said they'll need a little more than 20 stops to cover the 5,150 kilometres that separate the two cities. The route is now finalized, but remains undisclosed.

Tesla expects to have hundreds of superchargers cover about 98% of the U.S. population as well as parts of Canada by 2015.

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