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F1: 7 things you should know before the 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

Here are seven important things you must know before the 2014 Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix held at Bahrain International Circuit this weekend.

* The Bahrain International Circuit is 5.412km long and features 15 corners and 8 braking zones.

* The cars will run 57 laps and complete the distance of 308.238km Sunday.

* A 2-stop race strategy will see the cars pit around lap 19 and 28, while a 3-stop will see the cars coming in on laps 10, 20 and 42.

* The pit lane is 480m long and the cars take 22 seconds to run its entire distance.

* There is a 13% chance to see the Safety Car take to the track during the race.

* The race start has been delayed to 6pm this year.

* Last year’s race saw Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) take pole position with a time of 1m33.330. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing) captured victory ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean (Lotus’ teammates).

F1 Bahrain pit lane
The Bahrain pit lane (Photo: WRi2)