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F1: A closer look at the ''anteater'' noses of the 2014 F1 turbo cars

Several motorsport publications revealed that nose solutions for the 2014 Formula 1 regulations could leave the new turbo hybrid cars resembling "anteaters". Let’s have a closer look at what this means actually.

Our friend Craig Scarborough has produced a very good feature about the topic for Autosport.

For safety reasons, next year’s rules require a high chassis of 525mm and a low nose tip at just 185mm.

Nose 2014 F1 cars
Illustration of the front of the a car. (Illustration: Craig Scarborough for Autosport)

However, the new F1 regulations only demand a relatively small nose tip cross-section, and teams will want to minimise the width of this area to improve air flow under the car.

So the "anteaters" nose comes from the prospect of slender, drooping nose tip extensions to meet minimum rules requirements for this section, protruding from a higher, more bulky, section that will pass crash tests and fit teams' aerodynamic needs, as Scarborough explained.

Fortunately, not all F1 teams are believed to be heading down this design route. However, several of them believe it is the best solution, providing the best aerodynamic results.