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F1: Ferrari not track testing new V6 turbo hybrid engine

Several motorsport web sites recently posted a video that they claim shows Ferrari testing a version of its 2014V6 Formula 1 turbo hybrid engine.

The video posted here shows a LaFerrari supercar lapping the Fiorano circuit in Maranello amid the distinct tones of a turbo engine.

That Ferrari road car, however, is usually equipped with a normally-aspirated V12 engine. The car seen in the video is clearly a turbo unit. got in touch with a Formula 1 technical expert to know if that could really be Ferrari's new F1 power unit.

"I've not heard any real confirmation either way, but I seriously doubt that it's the F1 turbo engine," he replied.

"I wouldn't expect Ferrari to advertise the fact they are running the V6 power unit, especially in such a scruffy looking test car," he added.

The test was most probably about a street car engine, or endurance race car motor.