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F1: Lotus runs long-wheelbase E21 at Monza

Our fellow journalist, Briton Craig Scarborough reports Friday that Lotus is running at Monza its revised E21 fitted with a longer wheelbase.

Scarborough reports that the wheelbase has been extended by around 100mm, which is achieved by moving the front wheels forward relative to the rest of the car.

This long-wheelbase package comprises a revised front suspension, a longer nose and an extended floor.

The British team has found a handling advantage in extending the wheelbase and altering the car's weight transfer characteristics.

With the wheels moved forward, the aerodynamic department has also been able to find some performance gains from the front tire wake being further from the sidepods.

F1 Monza Lotus E21 Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monza 2013. (Photo: WRi2)