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F1: Red Bull Racing hires new head of aerodynamics

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team has hired a new head of aerodynamics.

In a short press release issued Wednesday, Red Bull Racing confirmed that Peter Prodromou, former aero chief, has commenced a period of gardening leave.

Prodromou has been replaced by Dan Fallows who becomes Head of Aerodynamics at Infiniti Red Bull Racing with immediate effect.

Fallows has worked as part of the team’s aerodynamic department for many years. Previously working as a Team Leader (Aerodynamics), he left Red Bull Racing for a short time last year.

He has now returned to Infiniti Red Bull Racing to begin working in his new role.

But according to British journalist Adam Cooper, Eric Boullier, competition director at McLaren, said that Fallows is already under contract with McLaren. The whole affair could now be sent to the court of justice.

F1 Red Bull RB10 Renault Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull RB10-Renault. (Photo: WRi2)