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F1 rivals copy Red Bull 'rake'

From GMM

After failing to win a race in July, Sebastian Vettel had a keen look around parc ferme at the Hungaroring.

"I can see some very familiar things on the other cars," the Red Bull driver is quoted by Der Spiegel.

The Adrian Newey-inked blown exhaust has been the most obvious example of F1 rival copy-catting in 2011, but journalist Ralf Bach wrote that the RB7's so-called 'rake' is also being emulated.

Sebastian Vettel detailing the McLaren after the Hungarian grand prix - Photo: WRi2

The aggressive 'rake' - the car's attitude from front to rear - is the most likely reason the Red Bull has generated additional downforce amid the mystery previously attributed to flexing front wings.

Der Spiegel said Force India and Ferrari are the latest examples of teams emulating Red Bull's high rear end, with the result that the front of the cars is lower.

"You can see clearly that the Red Bull sits higher at the rear," an unnamed FIA official is quoted as saying.

Mercedes' Ross Brawn, however, doubts that simply copying Red Bull is the answer: "A copy is never as good as the original," he said.