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F1: TAG's Mansour Ojjeh had double lung transplant

TAG’s CEO Mansour Ojjeh, also the co-owner of the McLaren Formula 1 team, underwent serious surgery recently for a double lung transplant.

A press release issued by McLaren said that Ojjeh, 61 is recovering well after the delicate surgery.

Mansour Ojjeh had been suffering with IPF lung disease for the past four years.

However, following the operation, he is said now well on the road to a full recovery and is looking forward to being back with the McLaren team on the Formula 1 circuit for the 2014 season.

“My family and I have been through a very challenging period in our lives,” said Mansour Ojjeh in a presse release.

“However, I’m very grateful for the superb medical assistance that I’ve received, and I’m both elated and relieved that I’m now on the road to a full recovery. We’ve missed our great friends in the paddock as well as the up-close-and-personal excitement of Formula 1, but we’ve faithfully watched every Grand Prix on television and we’re now looking forward to enjoying more great times together at the circuits again next season.”