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1967 Ferrari Thomassima for sale on eBay at $9 million

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The 1967 Ferrari Thomassima is an incredibly exclusive Italian sports car with just three units ever built. One of them is now for sale on eBay priced at $9 million USD, GTSpirit reports. 

Introduced at the 1968 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, the Thomassima lost one of its own in a flood. The two that remain today are the aforementioned model and another that’s on display at the Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy.

Sharing similarities with the Ferrari 330P4, this Thomassima for sale uses the same V12 engine as the Ferrari 250. It disappeared in 1971 and resurfaced at the 2015 Concorso Italiano after a 7-year restoration process.