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Did Fiat cheat in emissions tests, too?

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Didn’t we tell you that Volkswagen was probably not the only one to cheat? Fiat reportedly has manipulated data in emissions tests in a similar way. 

An ongoing German investigation found that some diesel-powered Fiat vehicles showed irregular levels of exhaust pollution after running for longer than 22 minutes, according to Reuters based on a report by German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Apparently, the normal duration of regulatory tests for vehicle emissions is about 20 minutes, which suggests that Fiat has employed technical devices to beat the system. 

Bild am Sonntag also claims that Bosch is the one that informed German investigators that Fiat was using a mechanism that virtually disabled exhaust filters. Both Fiat and Bosch declined to comment.

So, after Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and now Fiat, which cheater will be outed next?