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Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid achieves 2.67 L/100 km in the city!

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In order to support plug-in technology and biofuels as part of a drive for energy independence, the U.S. Department of Energy will include the Ford Escape Flexible Fuel Plug-in Hybrid in its vehicle fleet.

The Escape Plug-in Hybrid can run either on gasoline or E85. At the end of the day, users can charge the batteries by plugging the vehicle directly into a power outlet.

This Ford Escape is equipped with a 10-kilowatt advanced lithium-ion battery. Such energy is enough to drive up to 30 miles (48 km) at speeds of up to 40 mph (64 kph) -- with no intervention from the combustion engine. When the battery's charge is depleted at 70 percent, the vehicle switches to traditional hybrid mode -- a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine assisted by the lithium-ion battery.

When fuelled by E85 ethanol, which has a lower energy content than gasoline, fuel economy can reach up to 88 mpg (2.67 L/100 km) in urban driving and up to 50 mpg (4.7 L/100 km) on the highway. Based on current estimates, the Escape Plug-in Hybrid would emit 60 percent less CO2 than a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle.