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Ford opens EV research lab in Michigan

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Ford has inaugurated a new battery lab at the University of Michigan in Ann Harbor, a move that will accelerate the development of more efficient, yet more affordable, electric vehicles.

The lab, which required an $8 million investment from governments and private parties, will be operational within a year. Scientists will test new battery concepts, components, and chemistries for the next generation of EVs.

Ford Focus Electric
Ford Focus Electric. (Photo: Ford)

“We have battery labs that test and validate production-ready batteries, but that is too late in the development process for us to get our first look,” said Ted Miller, who manages battery research for Ford. “This lab will give us a stepping-stone between the research lab and the production environment, and a chance to have input much earlier in the development process. This is sorely needed, and no one else in the auto industry has anything like it.”

Source: The Detroit Bureau