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Ford to Stop Using Some Takata Airbag Inflators

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Ford Motor Company announced today that it has decided to stop using certain models of the Takata airbag inflators, specifically those that use ammonium nitrate. The change will be introduced with models currently in development by the carmaker. The move echoes those already made by Honda, Toyota and Nissan, and comes in the wake of Takata products being the object of the largest overall recall in American history.

The recall has affected 12 different carmakers, and 19.2 million vehicles have had the inflators removed due to a risk of exploding shrapnel caused by effective parts. Eight deaths and hundreds of injuries have been attributed globally to the problem. Mustang sports cars from 2005-2014, GT supercars from 2005-2006 and Ford Ranger trucks from 2004-2006 have been among those Ford vehicles affected by the recall in North America.

Ford spokesperson Kelli Felker stated that it was still possible that Ford would buy certain other automotive products in the future from Takata, which also makes seat belts.