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Ford to take on GM in the Green Car Race

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It’s not just about pickup trucks and pony cars when it comes to the GM/Ford rivalry, Automobile Mag learned that Ford is set to release a direct competitor for the Chevy Bolt in the near future. 

Said competition is rumoured to be a 200-plus-mile range EV designed to take the Bolt on directly, which will also put it in the Tesla ballpark (in terms of electric range). And while it’s unlikely the Ford EV rival will make an appearance at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, there’s a good chance it will be unveiled at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show in November. 

Production of the Chevy Bolt (which will likely sport a different name as a vehicle by Tata already exists with that name in India) is set to begin in 2017, so it’s likely Ford’s competition will fall in line with that. Then of course there’s the pressure from companies like Apple and Google… 

The race is on. 

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