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G1 Tour: Exotic cars for hire

I got a text message from my photographer only a few minutes after he left with my Toyota Tundra press car. It read something along the lines of: “Ferrari, Lamborghini, tonnes of them! Mall parking lot. Now!” I corrected the typos for your sensitive eyes… 

I immediately did what any inquisitive journalist would do: I grabbed Miranda’s car keys and sprinted to the lot. Sadly, when I got there, only a handful of hot Italians were still on hand. 

G1 Tour offers John and Jane Q. Public the opportunity to experience firsthand the thrill of driving exotic cars. Obviously, it ain’t free, and you get the choice of either letting lose on a track or participating in a road rally of sorts. 

The packages vary in terms of what track you’ll race on and the length and destination of the rally (or road trip) you’ll travel. 

Although I did not get to drive any of the cars, our photographer Sebastien got a few shots of the cars. Check out his gallery. 

G1 Tour: Exotic cars for hire