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GM giving away more free cars

GM giving away more free cars

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GM of Canada has found another way to give away cars, and this time it involves Blue Jay baseball games, though to win you don't have to go to the Rogers Centre (nee SkyDome) in downtown Toronto, watch the game on TV, ever plan to visit Toronto or attend a ball game, or even like baseball.

For a chance to win a free Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac Pursuit, all you have to do is go to and register for the GM Home Run Challenge. You can of course also register at one of the Jays' 80 home games at Rogers Centre (which begin on April 8 against the Boston Red Sox), but there's no real benefit in terms of the draw.

There is some mathematical advantage to entering the competition early, however, since three potential winners are drawn from the total group of registered players before every home game and the fewer their numbers the better your chances.

The number of cars to be given away depends upon the number of times a Blue Jay batter knocks a ball into a special target area of the 100 Level seats beyond the fence in right-centre field, which is about 125 metres from home plate. GM has committed to giving away up to three cars a game, with the winners getting to chose between a Cobalt or a Pursuit.

It's also possible that no Jay will knock a homer into the special section the whole season, which means the giveaway for the year will be somewhere between 0 and 240 vehicles.

The day of a home game, three names will be drawn from the group of registered contestants and they will be eligible to win cars in that game. If one ball lands in the special section, the first person whose name is drawn will win a car, and if a second Jay homer hits the special section, the second person will win, and so on. If the fans don't win, their names go back into the pot and they're eligible for a future chance at the car.

Full contest rules are available by calling 1-800-GM-DRIVE.

This is of course all being done to give General Motors the names of potential new customers, so you can safely assume that the Oshawa firm will contact you in some way with an eye to selling you a new GM vehicle.
If the visiting team player hits the target area with a homerun ball, GM Canada will donate $5,000 to the Jays Care Foundation, for a limit of $15,000 per game.

GM of Canada president Michael Grimaldi says the company ''is proud to partner with the Blue Jays in bringing an added level of excitement to the team's great fans at Rogers Centre. We'll be cheering all year long for Jays to hit that GM display so another lucky fan can drive away a winner.''
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