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Henrik Fisker sued by Aston Martin for his Thunderbolt concept

Remember the fantastic-looking Thunderbolt concept unveiled by Henrik Fisker a few days ago? Well, it looked so much like an Aston Martin Vanquish that the British luxury automaker has decided to file a lawsuit against its former designer.

Fisker never sought or received formal approval for the Vanquish copy, which is actually based on a previous-generation DB9 or DBS, Aston Martin claims.

"Fisker's bad-faith intent to free-ride off the tremendous goodwill associated with the famous Aston Martin mark, wings logo, side vent mark, and Vanquish mark could not be more transparent," the company reportedly said.

At the time of the unveiling, Fisker warned that the Thunderbolt concept hadn't been endorsed by Aston Martin in any way, and it may cost him. 

If the court somehow rules in favour of Fisker, interested buyers will be able to specially order a copy exclusively via Galpin Aston Martin.

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