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Hyundai Reduces Vehicle Prices in Lineup

Sometimes it’s hard to care about all the financial and political mumbo-jumbo that goes on in our big, crazy world. Why? Because it rarely affects us directly in a tangible way we can actually grasp and see firsthand. Well, Hyundai is making sure we reap the benefits of a recent free-trade agreement between Canada and South Korea. 

How are they doing it? Well, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. are reducing their prices (as of January 15th, 2015) by up to $1,300. That’s money in your pocket. A direct result of what used to be a 6.1% federal import duty fee that is now being completely eliminated over the next three years. 

What you really want to know is how the pricing has been reduced and changed, right? Well, the biggest “loser” in the Hyundai lineup is the Santa Fe XL that had an MSRP of $31,299 but is seeing the biggest rebate (the full $1,300) and will now sell for an MSRP of $29,999. 

Also reduced in price are the Accent 5-door 6MT, Elantra Sedan GT 6AT, Veloster 6MT, and Equus Ultimate.