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Illegal immigrants sneak into Britain hiding in motorsport trucks

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For the past few weeks, there's been news of illegal immigrants who are trying to sneak into Great-Britain hiding in motorsport transporters.

It started after the Grand Prix of Monaco when five illegal immigrants tried to smuggled into Britain hiding in one of F1 commercial rights-holder Bernie Ecclestone's FOM transporters.

The immigrants concealed themselves in one of a group of canvas-sided TV trucks heading home from Monaco.

They were discovered and subsequently arrested when the trucks arrived at Biggin Hill Airport in Kent, the headquarters of Ecclestone's Formula One Management (FOM) company, and began to be unloaded.

The immigrants found their way into one truck whilst it was waiting for the ferry in Calais in France, where Border Agency staff failed to detect their presence.

A week later, another group illegal immigrants tried to fast track their way into Britain, hitching a ride with an Aston Martin racing team.

The eight Afghans, four Iraqis and four Vietnamese nationals hid themselves in a lorry next to the £1 million, 200mph racing car.

UK Border Agency officers working in Calais discovered the stowaways sitting on a cramped shelf above the Aston Martin.