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Volvo Teases early images of new 2019 S60

Volvo has teased early images of its upcoming new 2019 S60 ahead of the official launch on June 20. The company posted a short video on its Facebook page today revealing a frontal view and an overhead shot of the model.

Sign of the times
Instead of debuting the model at an auto show, many of which are being skipped by a number of auto manufacturers this year, Volvo will be presenting the official reveal of the S90 at the assembly plant where the model is being built, in South Carolina.

The new S60 is the first model from the company to feature the new Polestar Engineered upgrade. This tuning pack will be offered on the top-range T8 Twin Engine variants of the S60 and V60 models from Volvo.

These variants are powered by 2.0L turbo and supercharged engines and fitted with an electric motor and battery on the rear axle. The Polestar Engineered enhanced editions will gain power and torque to offer 415 hp and 494 lb-ft (instead of 400 hp and 472 lb-ft), and be fitted with Brembo monoblock brakes with 6-piston calipers and special brake pads.

Stay tuned next week as the new 2019 Volvo S60 gets its official send-off in South Carolina!

Volvo S60 2019
Photo: Volvo
Volvo S60 2019