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Range Rover Evoque copied, JLR sues Chinese maker

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Chinese automakers have a long history of selling vehicles that look eerily similar to the ones in other parts of the globe. This time, a Range Rover Evoque knock-off sold in China under the name Landwind X7 has prompted Jaguar Land Rover to sue its manufacturer, Jiangling Motor.

According to Automotive News, the latter was served with newly filed actions surrounding copyright infringement and unfair competition. 

The website posted an image showing the vast resemblance between the X7 and the Evoque, which is also sold in China. There are some differences including the front grille, of course, but they can be virtually eliminated using widely available kits with a Range Rover grille and logo, plus Land Rover badges ― perfect for drivers who want to be seen at the wheel of a Landie at a third of the price.

Foreign automakers generally don't take legal action in China because the chances of winning against local companies are slim, even when blatant copying is involved. They also fear damage to their reputation in this crucial market.