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New Green Spaces Around Kia Factories!

Kia has continued with its initiative of creating more green spaces around its assembly plants throughout the world. Since 2015, 4.94 million new trees have been planted in areas surrounding the carmaker’s factories. This translates into 3,507,276 sq m of new green space, or the equivalent of 866 soccer pitches!

Each of Kia’s assembly plants around the world – everywhere from China and Slovakia to South Korea and the U.S. state of Georgia – is surrounded by green spaces.  This reforestation is seen as the cornerstone of a more eco-friendly approach to the development of installations, since the presence of vegetation helps to absorb CO2 produced by factories. It is estimated that each tree can absorb up to 22 kg of CO2 per year; Kia’s new green spaces could thus absorb a total of 107.5 million tons of CO2 every year.

It’s worth noting that Kia is rated the 35th “greenest” brand on Interbrand’s list of companies with the best environmental track record.  


Photo: Kia