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Lamborghini to develop an everyday car

Lamborghini to develop an everyday car

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It’s no secret that Lamborghini has a way of creating breathtakingly beautiful and powerful cars. Despite their unquestionable appeal, anyone who has ever taken a Gallardo or Aventador for a spin will tell you that driving them on a daily basis would be nye impossible. But according to Stephan Winkelman, that’s about to change.

At the Global Luxury and Fashion Summit organized by Reuters, Lamborghini’s president said the automaker “was going to have a third model. We have to have a car that can be used on a daily basis”.

The development process of such a model hasn’t yet begun, as company execs haven’t made a decision yet. Winkelman did add that once the new product got the go-ahead, it would be hitting roads within about four years.

Lamborghini isn’t planning on teaming up with anyone, but it “may come to share some synergies with other VW Group models.”

Source : Reuters via World Car Fans