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Maybach reintroduces the name Zeppelin

Maybach reintroduces the name Zeppelin

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Maybach will introduce a new, even swankier version of its 57S and 62S sedans at the Geneva Auto Show.

The manufacturer is going back to its roots, using the name Zeppelin associated with the sedans of its glory days in the 1930s. The return of the name is obviously an attempt to re-establish the car's pedigree, as it's struggling against the formidable Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The new edition is limited to a mere 100 units worldwide. However, the very wealthy buyers who get to snatch one up will benefit from a few perks compared to the lesser mortals who can only afford the "normal" versions.

In addition to the exhaustive slew of gadgets and conveniences, such as the wall separating the rear compartment and the diamond-patterned leather seats, it boasts innumerable exclusive features including special wheels and wood trim.

But it's under the hood that Maybach really pushes the envelope. In collaboration with the AMG house, the manufacturer has concocted a mill derived from the S versions that now boasts a 640-head stable, that's 28 extra ponies, and 738 ft-lb of torque.

The new Zeppelins will start at US$524,000 for the 57 and an outrageous US$610,000 for the 62 version, making them the most expensive sedans in the world, even before any options are tagged on. This latest version brings the number of Maybachs to seven: the 57, 57S, 57 Zeppelin, 62, 62S, 62 Zeppelin and 62S Landaulet.