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Mazda's Vision Study Model Concept: A Glimpse at a Future Electric MX-5?

Mazda MX-5 concept | Photo: YouTube (Mazda)
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Daniel Rufiange
The Next MX-5 could be partially electrified, before going all-electric
Mazda MX-5 concept - Design's back
Mazda MX-5 concept - Design's back | Photo: YouTube (Mazda)

•    Mazda presents the Vision Study Model concept, possibly a preview of a possible all-electric MX-5.

•    The current MX-5 has been with us since 2016; a new generation is just around the corner.

•    The next MX-5 will be partially electrified.

Yesterday, we reported on Mazda's updated electrification plans for Canada. Today, the company provided a first look at a concept called the Vision Study Model. Though Mazda doesn’t confirm as much, this design is giving the world a peek at what an electric MX-5 could look like. 

The styling and format are obviously closely related to that of Mazda's roadster, a unique product in itself. 

As for the next MX-5, the Miata for many, it will be electrified when it is renewed, but we can guess that it will be only partially so, based on what Mazda announced yesterday. Though given the current industry trends, it will one day be all-electric, despite the concerns of purists. 

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Mazda MX-5 concept - vision
Mazda MX-5 concept - vision | Photo: YouTube (Mazda)

And that's where the concept we see today is interesting. Clearly, it's not the next-generation model, but we may be looking at the study that will eventually lead to the first-ever electric Miata. In the video that shows Mazda's plans for 2030, just before we see the concept, we can see people driving different generations of MX-5s. The link is easy to make. In fact, we're invited to make it. 

Of course, we can expect that a future production model will have more traditional lines than this study. Also, the prototype's oversized wheels would be replaced by more proportional and appropriate ones, as would the mirrors. Still, this look at how Mazda sees the future of design is interesting. 

The current-generation MX-5 has been with us since 2016. It received a refresh in 2019, with the inclusion of a more powerful engine. It's clear that the next generation is not far off. 

Mazda MX-5 concept - Back
Mazda MX-5 concept - Back | Photo: YouTube (Mazda)
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