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McLaren 12C Spider joins British police!

Law enforcement authorities in the West Midlands (U.K.) are following the lead of Dubai police by using exotic sports cars to catch speeding offenders. In this case, it's a McLaren 12C Spider that can reach velocities of up to 333 km/h.

“Shows like [Autosport International] are a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and engage with motorists who are interested in performance cars and are out and about on our roads," said Chief Inspector Paul Keasey.

The McLaren 12C Spider won't actually be used to patrol highways, but rather to attend various events to educate young motoring enthusiasts about the dangers of speeding, obviously, as well as drunk driving and all sorts of distractions behind the wheel.

Germany currently has the world's fastest police car -- a Barbus Rocket that can fly at more than 410 km/h. Autobahn lovers are warned.

Source: The Mirror

McLaren 12C Spider joins British police!