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New-Generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class Announced

The E-Class, generation 10: The all-new edition of Mercedes-Benz’ flagship luxury sedan was announced this week by the manufacturer, with a noticeable move towards adding muscle to the luxury it has long provided.  Stylish and almost coupe-like thanks to its stretched-out hood and curved roof line, the new E-Class features a longer wheel-base and is slightly longer overall than before, while the rear end is broad above the wheels and features single-piece tail lights.

Mercedes-Benz decided to offer a distinct look for each trim of its business-class sedan. The Sport models lead with unique radiator grills highlighted by a large, central Mercedes star, while the luxury model features the more traditional Mercedes-Benz grill, with the star placed on the hood. All of the available models will feature a nine-speed automatic transmission coupled to a 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine offering 241 HP.

Unsurprisingly, the interior of the new E-Class features the latest tech innovations and must-haves, such as voice control, touch-sensitive control buttons on the steering wheel and high-resolution imagery coupled with a newly re-worked graphic layout for the screen. Available as an option will be the carmaker’s cutting-edge driver-assist technology, known as Drive Pilot, which is Mercedes-Benz’ first step on the road to developing full autonomous driving capabilities for its cars.