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Montreal 2015: North American premiere of Hyundai Intrado concept

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Hyundai's Intrado concept, which first appeared in Geneva last year, made its North American debut yesterday at the 2015 Montreal Auto Show. Officially called “HED-9,” the Intrado aims to meet future mobility needs with an intuitive Human-Machine Interface, intelligent design, and functional interior.

It's also a showcase of Hyundai's fuel-cell expertise and a preview of a next-generation compact CUV. Featuring materials normally used in aeronautics, the Intrado was the first concept designed under new director Peter Schreyer, who came over from Audi to revolutionize styling at Hyundai/Kia, and the first to embody the new “Fluidic Sculpture 2.0” design language.

The Hyundai Intrado is equipped with a 36kW lithium-ion battery and reportedly offers a range of 600 kilometres. The chassis is super-lightweight, and the main frame is made of carbon fibre using advanced manufacturing techniques. What's more, the design of the crumple zones in the body makes any repair quicker following a collision.

Production plans for the Intrado have not been announced yet.