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Montreal Autoshow 2010: The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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AS reported by Mercedes-Benz

TORONTO, ON – In advance of its Canadian Premiere at the Montreal International Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz Canada is proud to officially welcome the addition of Sprinter to the Mercedes-Benz group of brands which include Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart and Maybach.

With over one million units sold worldwide, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a leader in the light-duty van segment, and this versatile vehicle continues to set the benchmark in technology, safety, fuel efficiency and performance around the globe.

As of January 1, 2010, this remarkable vehicle officially joined the Mercedes-Benz Canada group and is now on sale at Mercedes-Benz dealers from coast-to-coast.

Extensive range of configurations for maximum versatility

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers a full and varied model range for virtually all applications, far surpassing the more limited range offered by the competitors in its class. Three basic vehicles are available for sale in Canada: the cargo van, the passenger van and the cab chassis. The three body lengths, two heights and three basic gross vehicle weight ratings add up to fifteen basic models of Sprinter vans to meet the unique requirements of a diverse range of customers who need a vehicle that will work as hard as they do.

The Sprinter cargo van offers two wheelbase versions in 144 and 170 inches (3.7 and 4.3 m), and it is available in three lengths: standard, long and extra long, which are 232.5, 273.2 and 289.2 inches respectively (5.9 6.9 and 7.3 m). The cargo van is also available with two different roof heights.

The load compartment height is 65 inches (1.65 m) for a Sprinter with the standard roof, and 76.4 inches (1.94 m) for the high-roof version. Load space for the closed-body models range from 318 to 547 cu. ft. (9.0 to 15.5 m³).

The new Sprinter cargo van can cater to the specific needs of any commercial or recreational owner by offering vehicles in the following three weight ratings: 8,550, 9,990 and 11,030 lbs (3.88, 4.53 and 5.0 t). The 3500 series cargo vans can be ordered in both 9,990 and 11,030 lbs (4.53 to 5.0t) weight ratings.