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Top 10 most valuable car brands in 2016

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Brandz magazine has just published its 2016 Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, and six automakers managed to make the cut. 

Toyota is the most valuable car brand in the world for the 9th year in the past 11, followed by German rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz. New on the list in 2016 is Tesla, which makes sense after the year it just had. 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most valuable car brands in 2016 according to BrandZ (the last four did not make the overall Top 100), with their value in US dollars:

  1. Toyota ($29.5B), 28th spot in Top 100;
  2. BMW ($26.8B), 33rd spot in Top 100;
  3. Mercedes-Benz ($22.7B), 39th spot in Top 100;
  4. Honda ($13.2B), 74th spot in Top 100;
  5. Ford ($13B), 75th spot in Top 100;
  6. Nissan ($11.5B), 92nd spot in Top 100.
  7. Audi ($9.5B)
  8. Land Rover ($4.7B)
  9. Porsche ($4.4B)
  10. Tesla ($4.4B)

In case you’re wondering, Google ($229.2B), Apple ($228.5B), and Microsoft ($121.8B) are the three most valuable global brands in 2016.