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Tokyo 2015: World premiere of Nissan IDS Concept

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The 2015 Tokyo Auto Show has opened to the media, and Nissan presented its vision of the future of autonomous driving and zero-emission EVs with the IDS Concept.

"Nissan's forthcoming technologies will revolutionize the relationship between car and driver, and future mobility," said Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn.

He added that progress is well on track to achieve the company’s goal of equipping innovative, autonomous driving technology on multiple Nissan vehicles by 2020.

As for the IDS Concept, which stands for “Intelligent Driving System,” it features an extensive system of sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) designed to provide enhanced safety performance compared to a human driver. For instance, the car's side body line is actually an LED that Nissan calls the Intention Indicator. When pedestrians or cyclists are nearby, the strip shines white, signaling that the car is aware of them. 

In terms of range, the IDS Concept boasts a 60kWh battery that has twice the capacity of the current LEAF. 

Inside the roomy, futuristic cabin, the steering wheel recedes into the centre of the instrument panel and a large, flat screen comes out when Piloted Drive mode is selected. Various driving-related operations are handled by AI, voice and gestures from the driver. All four seats rotate slightly inward, allowing easier conversation. And when the car returns to Manual Drive mode, sensors keep monitoring conditions, and assistance is still available.

Will the IDS Concept ever enter production or will some of its technologies find their way into future Nissan vehicles, like the next-generation LEAF? Stay tuned for further details.