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Nissan NV2000: New York City's New Cabs Arriving This Fall

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Beginning this fall, New Yorkers will be watching new taxicabs roll down their streets. These new taxicabs, developed by Nissan, are based on its NV200 vehicle. The manufacturer took into consideration the specific needs of some 600,000 daily Big Apple taxicab users when designing this unique vehicle. Modifications were performed to the NV200 assembly line in order to include several unique features specific to taxicab use.

These new yellow cabs, can accommodate 4 passengers, including luggage, and are equipped with sliding doors and a see-through roof, among others. Features include exterior lamps that shine brightly when the doors are opened in order to alert oncoming road traffic, as well as a toned-down horn which is accompanied by flashing exterior lights.

Nissan NV200 Taxi
Photo: Nissan