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With pothole season in full swing, make sure to have your car fixed

Potholes have been unusually nasty this winter, and spring won’t help. Has your car suffered any damage as a result? If so, the folks at Kal Tire urge you to get it fixed!

The company recently surveyed more than 1,000 Canadians from British Columbia to Ontario and found out that nearly 72% of motorists have hit a pothole this winter and 40% of them said it damaged their vehicle. The problem is that only half took their car to the repair shop, and the others could be putting their safety at risk.

“I think as Canadians, we get so used to potholes that we don’t realize how damaging they can actually be to our vehicles or how that damage can impact our safety on the road,” says Sean Thompson, mechanical program manager at Kal Tire. “Sometimes all it takes is one bad hit to the wheel to knock your vehicle out of alignment and create shaking and wobbling or even loss of steering.”

Here’s how potholes can impact vehicle safety according to Kal Tire:

Tires & wheels—Even wheels with minor bending can lead to poor seals between the rim and the tire, potentially causing leaks and flat tires. Wheel damage can also cause vehicle shaking as well as reduced handling, steering and poor braking performance.

Alignment—Hitting a pothole can cause your wheels to become misaligned and no longer square to the vehicle. Misalignment can cause poor steering, irregular tire wear and vibrations that can lead to driver fatigue.

Suspension—Repetitive minor pothole impacts, or single dramatic ones, can cause suspension issues, reducing the ability to steer, absorb and dampen shock, maintain road contact and support the vehicle’s weight.

Vehicle—Dramatic impact against deep potholes can create damage ranging from a scratched undercarriage to broken mechanical components in extreme cases.  

Remember that car problems that are dealt with early on have a much better chance of costing less and giving you less hassle in the long run.