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Report: Aston Martin working on 1,000hp electric Rapide

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Aston Martin is currently working on its first-ever electric vehicle, as various reports indicate. Based on the Rapide S, it could generate up to 1,000 horsepower and offer a range of 320 kilometres, CEO Andy Palmer announced during the 2015 New York Auto Show. Look for this model to go on sale in approximately two years.

The news comes as Tesla introduced the Model S 70D with all-wheel drive. The difference? The British luxury EV is expected to cost $300,000 more...

Palmer also said that an electric Rapide S would weigh about the same as a conventional V12-powered model since the engine and transmission would both be dropped. The batteries will lie under the hood and in the back of the car, while the trunk will house an inverter. With electric motors driving the front and rear wheels, this will be an AWD machine.

Further details about the electric Aston Martin Rapide will become available in the next few months.