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Saab small SUV set for production in Mexico

Saab small SUV set for production in Mexico

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Saab is set to produce a small SUV starting in 2009. The five seat vehicle will be built at GM's assembly plant in Ramos, Mexico. The new model, to be called the 9-4X is a departure from the brand's other attempts at creating SUV's, which were basically re-badged versions of existing GM trucks.

According to Automotive News, the 9-4X will be built on a platform which utilizes portions of the automakers Epsilon II and re-designed Theta architectures, which will also be shared with an upcoming small SUV from Cadillac called the BRX.

Saab's move to launch this type of vehicle comes at a time when the market is growing, and Saab should be well positioned to capitalize on the growing sales trend. 9-4X will compete with models like the Acura RDX, BMW X3 and Infiniti EX.

Reports indicate that the 9-4X will be sold worldwide, though it would be most appealing to the European market. It will be debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in January.
photo:General Motors