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SANSZO Keeps Expanding and Converting Car Owners

Automakers and aftermarket companies are not the only ones increasing their efforts to launch environmentally friendly products as part of the global green shift. After shaking up the car care industry roughly a decade ago with its 100% biodegradable polymer-based waterless car-wash products, Quebec City’s SANSZO has perfected and diversified its portfolio.

However, as co-owner Dany Leclerc reminded us, there is still a lot of education left to do to convince a majority of consumers to wash their vehicle without water.

Proven formula
At first, many had doubts about the effectiveness and viability of SANSZO, but over time even the big names like Simoniz and Silverwax jumped on the bandwagon. In the face of new competition, the company maximized its distribution network in Canada, most notably through large retail stores such as Canadian Tire, Walmart and Costco, and partnered with Keystone in the U.S. while also launching online sales via its own website plus Amazon.

What’s more, SANSZO is the sole beneficiary of another Quebec City upstart, Bioinnox, which provides a special rustproofing and anti-UV agent. It also enjoys the support of Lune Rouge, an entrepreneurship-minded investment firm created by Guy Laliberté that owns 30% of its shares. Incidentally, 1% of SANSZO profits go directly to the One Drop Foundation, another initiative by the Cirque du Soleil founder.

Waterless car wash any time, any place
When travelling on the road, it is sometimes difficult to find an empty car wash, let alone a simple hose. Even at home, car owners have to deal with water usage restrictions and other environmental laws imposed by their city. That alone makes SANSZO’s waterless and 100% biodegradable products an attractive and convenient solution.

Said products can be used on cars, motorcycles and RVs with no risk of damage or discolouration to any surface—body panels, plastics, chrome, wheels, windows, etc.

There are two limitations, Leclerc warns. One is the first spring wash, due to all the salt carried over from winter, and the other is thick, tenacious mud that requires pressure to dislodge.

SANSZO for all your car cleaning needs
In addition to a high-performance waterless car cleaner, SANSZO offers a product that is specially designed to remove bugs, tar stains, brake dust, maple sap and other tough residues. We tried them out both and they worked wonders.

Next, you’ll find a sealant with microscopic particles called NANO PROTECH (Leclerc assures it provides long-lasting protection unlike traditional, Carnauba-based wax), a tire shine and protector (that also proves effective on rubber and vinyl surfaces, even dashboards), and finally a cleaner/conditioner for leather and vinyl.

Later in 2017, a brand new product will join the SANZO line, namely an odour eliminator for your car and your home. Rather than masking organic odours, this product will serve as a shock treatment that completely kills bacteria after a few days (provided you use it a couple of times a day).

Still not convinced? Visit the SANSZO website (French only) or watch the following demonstrations: