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Six finalists for 2015 Canadian Green Car Award

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The six finalists for the 2015 Canadian Green Car Award were announced today, and the winner will be crowned on March 27th at the Green Living Show in Toronto. This will be the third edition of the event celebrating sustainable development in all domains. 

The list of eligible vehicles in the various categories included not only hybrids and EVs, but also internal combustion models. Picked by Canadian journalists who are among the most renowned in the auto industry, the six finalists are highly fuel-efficient and offer good value. 

They are:

  • Battery Electric Car: Kia Soul EV
  • Plug-in Hybrid Car: Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid    
  • Hybrid Car: Honda Accord Hybrid
  • Efficient Gasoline or Diesel Internal Combustion Car: Volkswagen Golf TDI 
  • Efficient Three-Row Vehicle: Kia Rondo 
  • Efficient Fun Car: MINI Cooper S.