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Smog leads to red alert in Beijing

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For the first time ever smog has forced authorities in Beijing to put the city on red alert where air pollution is concerned, France’s Le Monde newspaper reports. Smog is expected to cover Beijing at least until Thursday.

Exceptional measures are being implemented to try to limit this alarming phenomenon. Beginning Tuesday, schools and construction sites will close. Also, traffic will be substantially reduced by enforcing a ban on most heavy trucks.

Some media report that vehicles with even- and odd-numbered licence plates will take turns on the road (electric cars will still be allowed). Harsh penalties will be imposed on offenders.

Air pollution in Beijing has now surpassed 224 micrograms of 2.5-micron particles per cubic metre. The recommended maximum average is just 25 micrograms, according to La Presse. 

Beijing had been on orange alert since November 30th, the same day the COP21 opened in Paris.

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