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SoCal and its cars

California dreamin’ almost always involves a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

The sun and winding roads mixed with the breeze coming off the ocean can be enjoyed in a late-model sedan, but in all our minds, we’re behind the wheel of a classic British ‘50s convertible or ‘60s American muscle car.

For those fortunate enough to live and thrive in beautiful Southern California, our dreams are their reality. This reality has developed into a serious and vast culture over the decades, and because of it car meets are as common there as flocks of seagulls are on the coast.

While in SoCal (I wanna go baaaaack!), the crew and I checked out two of the larger GTGs.

We hung out at SuperCar Sunday first. It’s held at the Westfield Promenade Mall on Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Woodland Hills. The following Saturday, we cruised out to Irvine in our Porsche Cayenne Diesel to soak in one of the best local events: Cars and Coffee.

It is difficult to properly put into words here what it is we got to see, to smell, to touch, and to drool over. At these relatively “mundane” venues, the quality and calibre of cars on hand eclipsed what we’d seen at any show we’ve ever attended here at home, regardless of the scale and level of organization.

Mind. Blown. All. Over. The. Place.

Enough of my boring words. Watch the video and keep your hands near the mouse and keyboard. Soil yourselves clicking through the gallery.