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Study: Most parents are bad driving models for their teens

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We've all done it, but now there's evidence to support it: 9 out of 10 parents (91%) who use their cell phone behind the wheel do so even when their teens ride along with them, according to a survey released by the National Safety Council (NSC). And yet 88% admit they are one of their teens' primary driving teachers.

It's one more instance of “Do as I say, don't do as I do.”

These parents send contradictory messages to their teens, making them think that texting or talking on the phone while driving isn't so dangerous after all.

The NSC survey also shows that 57% of parents prohibit their teens from driving with other teens, which is a good thing since this sort of driving practice increases fatal crash risk by at least 44%.

What about you? Are you part of the 9% exception that confirms the rule?