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The New 2022 Subaru BRZ Will Be Unveiled on November 18

2022 Subaru BRZ
Photo: Subaru
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Daniel Rufiange
The new BRZ should hit the market next spring

The Subaru BRZ is about to get its first big revision since it debuted on the market, back in 2012. The model will be presented officially on November 18, and to advertise that event, Subaru has released a first image of the model.

The video of course provides the opportunity to actually hear the next BRZ, which to the delight of its fans is getting a more-powerful engine. The unveiling of the BRZ also means we can expect Toyota to do the same with its revised 86 model before too long.

Speculation has it the BRZ will run on Subaru’s 2.4L 4-cylinder turbo that currently delivers 260 hp to other of the brand’s models. We also expect that it will be still be available with either a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission.

We do not, however, expect radical changes in terms of the car’s styling, which was already distinctive and well-regarded. More effort was expanded on re-working the structure so that the new powertrain doesn’t knock off the BRZ’s perfect weight distribution. That consideration is what kept Subaru from ever switching in a more-powerful engine in the outgoing model.

That weight equilibrium is crucial, in fact, because it’s a major factor in making the car so fun to drive.

The 2022 Subaru BRZ is expected to debut next spring, and we can imagine that its cousin the Toyota 86 will likely debut at the same time. We’re already itching to test-drive both of them, but we have winter to get through first, alas…

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Daniel Rufiange
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