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Top 10 Standout Pickups & SUVs at 2017 Detroit Auto Show

There was a time when the Chicago Auto Show was the place to unveil new trucks and SUVs. After all, the city lies at the gateway to the Midwest, where utility vehicles rule as uncontested masters of their domain! In recent years there has been a noticeable shift, however, with Detroit taking the lead in that sector; more trucks and SUVs are now unveiled at that city’s North American International Auto Show than in Chicago. The 2017 edition of the Detroit show only confirms this state of affairs. Here are the highlights of what was introduced there this past week.

TOP 1: The F-150 pickups continue to dominate truck sales in the United States as well as in Canada. But the competition is fierce, and Ford has been proactive in trying to protect its share of the market. As early as 2018, we should expect to be seeing F-150s (still all-aluminum except for the chassis) sporting front ends similar to those of the Super Dutys. For the first time, moreover, it will be possible to opt for a 3.0L V8 turbo diesel engine, akin to the one Ford already produced for the Range Rover models. The company also used the occasion of the Detroit show to announce a relaunch of the smaller Ford Ranger truck by 2019, and of the Bronco SUV by 2020, though sadly without producing any images. Ford had previously created a design study for the new Bronco, unveiled at the Detroit show a few years ago.

Ford F-150 2018
Photo: E.Descarries
Ford F-150 2018