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Toyota moves forward, celebrates opening of Tundra truck plant in Texas

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Khatir Soltani
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas came into existence today with a celebration attended by Toyota Officials and Texas Governor Rick Perry. The $1.28 billion dollar plant in San Antonio produced its first pair of Toyota Tundra pickup trucks for the event.

(Photo: Toyota)
The plant, announced in 2003, will have the capacity to create 200,000 Tundra trucks and employ 2000 people when it swings into full production this spring. The 2000 acre site is home to over 20 on-site suppliers who produce parts to be shipped directly into the plant. There are seven minority-owned joint ventures involved too, and cumulative investment totals some 300 million dollars.

"As Toyota moves forward into a new era, this new plant is a dynamic symbol of our bright future," said Mr. Katsuaki Watanabe, President of Toyota. "Here in Texas, we have assembled a great team of people, a great plant, and a great truck. Along with great people,
(Photo: Toyota)
this is one of the most advanced automotive plants on the earth. It has the latest in technology and is using the best production and environmental techniques learned from 60 plants we operate around the world."

The Japanese carmaker also demonstrated its community minded attitude by announcing a $600,000 donation to the National Centre for Family Literacy (NCFL) which benefits three schools in San Antonio.

Toyota says the large pickup truck market is its largest single opportunity in the US, and the new plant will help them to take full advantage of the opportunity.
Khatir Soltani
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