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Toyota recalls 1.6 million vehicles with Takata airbags… again

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What does an incident involving a Nissan X-Trail last month have to do with today’s recall of 1.6 million Toyota vehicles? As Bloomberg reports, they were all fitted with similar airbags manufactured by Takata. 

The Toyota Vitz (a.k.a. Yaris) and 21 other models will be called back again after a previous recall prioritized the replacement of Takata airbag inflators based on whether dealers found air leaks. They didn’t, so the Takata components were not immediately replaced.

No injuries were reported in Toyota vehicles related to the latest defect, which affects the passenger seat airbag, but a person in a Nissan X-Trail was injured in Japan, The Globe and Mail says. 

Right now the recall only involves vehicles in Japan and Europe. It could expand to North America and other parts of the globe, mind you.