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VARAC To Preview the 2014 Canadian Historic Grand Prix at the CME

From press release

Vintage car racing is highly popular. Accordingly, one of the most popular dates on the annual southern Ontario racing calendar is the Canadian Historic Grand Prix, held annually at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

Produced and presented by the Vintage Auto Racing Association of Canada (VARAC), and sanctioned by CASC-OR, this three-day celebration of classic automobile competition brings to life the concept of 'Racing Into The Past,' with on-track activities, car cruises and shows, and celebrity forums.

Offering a preview of the 2014 Canadian Historic Grand Prix, VARAC organizers – along with several of their classic cars – will be in attendance at this year's Canadian Motorsports Expo.

The Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News runs from February 7-9, 2014 at Toronto's International Centre, adjacent to Pearson International Airport.

"We run Vintage, Historic and G70+ class races at most Ontario regional events, but the Canadian Historic Grand Prix is the 'big' show of the year; it's our true vintage celebration," explained Bob DeShane, Director of the CHGP. "The Canadian Motorsports Expo is the best place for us to tell our story, and to promote our unique brand of racing to the motorsport community."

The Canadian Historic Grand Prix takes place June 13-15, 2014 at CTMP. The featured event this year will be the 'Triumph versus MG Canadian-American Showdown,' with entries already confirmed from across Canada and the United States. For the fans of German marques, the CHGP will also present the 'Legends of the Autobahn' featuring Mercedes, BMW and Porsche cars.

Meanwhile, the off-track action will be just as entertaining.

"Bob Tullius will be our Grand Marshall this year," continued DeShane. "Most people will remember him for his Group 44 Jaguar Racing team. People will have a chance to exchange memories with him and maybe get a photo or autograph. And on Sunday morning, we will take a couple of hours to host the 'Legends of Mosport, a 'meet and greet' for fans at the banquet tent."

Bringing the local community on board for the Canadian Historic Grand Prix weekend, DeShane and the VARAC team – in conjunction with the Bowmanville (ON) Business Improvement Association – have organized a Friday night, 'Checkered Flag Cruise' which will take over the downtown core of the host town for a automotive street party.

"The CHGP weekend gets bigger every year, we expect to have well over 200 competitors in six different divisions showing up in 2014," states DeShane.

He adds, "There are lots of classic race cars still sitting in barns and garages. If people think they'd like to get them ready and bring them out to the track, we'd be more than happy to have them. They can come out to the Canadian Motorsports Expo and we can give them all the information that they need. And if they just want to do some 'bench racing,' we can do that, too!"