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The Volkswagen Beetle Could Re-Emerge, as an Electric

A few months ago, Volkswagen announced that production of the Beetle would come to an end. The "people's car", which was born under the Nazi regime, was about to be retired.

However, since this is an icon, one should not speak too soon. Look what happened 20 years ago when the German automaker released a version it called the New Beetle. Although the original version was still in circulation in some parts of the world, it had left us in 1979.

As for the disappearance of the current model, it has been officially announced and it is definitely real, but there is no indication that the car will not one day return.

Well, it seems that this might take place in the near future. We have learned that the company is considering reviving it's flagship model as an electric. 

In fact, Volkswagen is working to develop the MEB platform with an emphasis on versatility. The new architecture will support electric vehicles from the ID line-up, which ranges from a basic hatchback to the Microbus inspired ID Buzz van.

The automaker's decision makers are evaluating an electric beetle to compliment the ID Buzz, who's retro look has already grabbed the attention of future buyers. 

In an interview with Autocar magazine, Volkswagen design manager Klaus Bischoff noted that the future ID hatchback, as well as the Beetle, would be the smallest vehicles to utilize the aforementioned MEB platform. .

"If we decided to make a Beetle from this platform, you have plenty of room so there's no compromise in functionality anymore. So it could be a very attractive car", he told the magazine. 

We'll need to be patient before expecting to see an electric Beetle appearing at dealerships. Volkswagen plans to sell at least three higher-volume models from it's ID line-up before turning to an electric Beetle project. 

Regardless, the idea already pleases us.